Kate Mosse 

Having enjoyed Kate Mosse’s previous novels, I expected to get on well with this – but I found it a disappointment. A shame, as this is potentially a great story – just not fleshed-out enough to lead the reader smoothly along.
The main problem was with the participants in this story of Connie, The Taxidermist’s Daughter. Most were hardly more than names, and few were well-drawn enough to connect the name with the character. Not even the chapter headings – giving place and date – were particularly helpful, as the settings were too similar to distinguish one from another. I found myself re-reading whole sections to remind myself who was who, and to be sure I hadn’t missed anything.  However, having a day off, I decided to read on to what I can only describe as a Victorian penny-dreadful ending.  I like a dark story – but this novel was just too rushed to be convincing.