The Master's TaleThe Master’s Tale is a fascinating insight into the mind of a much misunderstood man – the man who many people blame for the tragedy of the Titanic. Ann Victoria Roberts delves beneath the hype, and comes up with a well researched and authentic story giving us a new perspective on the story we all think we know. The story begins with events which happend prior to the tragedy, and gives an informed insight into the strains of a life dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of others at sea. Although the book is packed with historic detail, Ms Roberts also puts her considerable artistic imagination to good use by giving us a back story of a romance which serves to help us view Captain Smith as being vulnerable, and as flawed as any other man. In short we see him as a rounded human being, which serves to make the ending, (which we are all aware of, but seems to come as a shock regardless) almost heartbreaking. An exciting, informative, well written book – Ann Victoria Roberts is back with a vengeance!!