Ariana Franklin


Compelling Historical Mystery

I bought this book twice – because the first one went missing. It was a marvellous introduction to Adelia Aguilar, the 13th century Sicilian doctor who becomes ‘attached’ to Henry II of England. Attached in that he needs her expertise – which leads to all manner of adventures, and a most intriguing love affair with one of Henry’s knights.

‘Mistress of the Art of Death’ is a medieval thriller and detective story rich in detail, with a heroine both sympathetic and convincing. I knew nothing about the Kingdom of Sicily before reading these books, but it seems that before the Crusades, Sicily was a small state tolerant to both sexes and all creeds. Ariana Franklin has penned a page turning mystery, compelling to the point of needing to read the three subsequent novels. I bought this book again to complete the set, and am only sorry that there will be no more. I shall read all four over again – the best praise there is!