One Night, Two Lives – extracts from reviews

‘The author’s unique style draws one in immediately and became an absolute page turner…  The characters were real and deep emotions touchingly portrayed, especially the theme of forgiveness. Details of places, times and seasons were delightful! High drama and suspense later in the story was riveting and lasted right until the finale… Thank you Ann Victoria Roberts for another amazing work of art in words.’  Marion S

‘I love how Ann Victoria Roberts manages to bring characters to life, weaving them into the story, and the story into them.’  Sally S

‘Brilliant read. Immediately into the story. Would certainly recommend.’ Jenny Fuller

‘I couldn’t put this book down and felt sad when I got to the end, wishing I could pick up a sequel straight away. Harrowing and so poignant at times, there are also chinks of humour and glorious descriptions of teenage life in the 60’s which made me feel quite nostalgic!’ Amazon customer

‘I absolutely loved ‘One Night, Two Lives,’ from the author of bestselling ‘Louisa Elliott’ and ‘Liam’s Story.’…The characters are credible, the story compelling, the end while not completely happy ever after is nevertheless uplifting.’ Edel M B

‘This book is unusual in that it deals with the tricky subject of date rape from both the victim, and the perpetrator’s viewpoints…  At no time is James (who goes on to become a vicar) let off the hook by the author, but what she does brilliantly is write about him in a non-judgemental way…’ Mcghie

‘This was a great read – a one more chapter, then I’ll go to bed kind of book.
I loved Suzie as a young woman in the 60’s, so full of joie de vivre that I wanted to be her friend. Her story is sad but her life was not defined by that one night… I love that I never liked James. I almost imagine telling Suzie that… There is much unspoken pain yet it is truly palpable. The end is not what you might expect, but I will say, I cheered – audibly.’  Meraid Griffin

‘Absolutely brilliant, I loved it! I don’t often recommend books to my friends, but I will be sharing this one…’  Mrs MA Toop

‘Describes the effects over a forty-year timeframe of a brief and disastrous sexual encounter, underlining how a single event can virtually define a life. It also explores the dilemmas facing both biological parents and adopted children seeking information about their offspring or parents… The author paints an evocative backdrop, especially of her native Yorkshire, although I was slightly fazed by the mix of real and fictional place names… However, if Thomas Hardy needed to invent ‘Casterbridge’ then I can cope with the Old-Norse ‘Iredale’…’  Yorkshireman